How to Write Good – Tips For Bloggers on Blogging

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Griffinopolis’s article on “How to Blog Good” takes on one of my favorite subjects: how blogging is about writing and content not just about bells and whistles.

One thing that struck me about many of the articles I was reading is that, while very helpful, they were primarily concenred with the mechanics of blogging. This post will explore what I believe is the single most important aspect of any blog’s longevity and popularity, the content or what you actually write. You can go ahead and hang neat toys on your blog. You can go ahead an increase your blogs SEO, but if your blog is as interesting to read as a sixth grade history textbook then it’s all for naught. Pretty colors and cool toys mean nothing if you’re boring as hell. So, I’m gonna write a post about the eight steps to better blog content.

The post goes on…

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Ask Yourself How You Should Get Me to Read Your Blog

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In How to Get Me to Read Your Blog, Thord Daniel Hedengren tells us how to convince him, and others, to read your blog.

Chances are I’m not reading your blog. That’s not because I don’t like you, most likely I don’t even know you exist, and that’s your fault.

Yes, you heard me. Your fault. It’s something you can remedy though.

There are a gazillion blogs out there, and most of them suck, to be honest. Yours might not, though, so I’m willing to have a look. But how am I to find it? And why should I stay along at all?

His points are very good:

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