Letter to Failure.


Why have you decided to haunt me?

Why do you keep me unhappy anytime I wanna make a move towards success?


You have managed to kill so many spirits, some can’t and will not get over it.

O, Failure. How wicked you are.

But I will get over it, Because Failure has caused me so much pain. So much pain I can’t Fathom bearing all that pain by myself.

O yes, I shall overcome.

All I have to do is to Endure in Hardwork, Learn from the previous Mistakes, Listen and Believe you can achieve as you conceived in your mind.

Failure will then be defeated and will never hesitate visiting you any moment at all.

So you have to be cautious, never to return to the days that brought you so much pain and misery.

©Joseph P.K.A.B Obeng🇬🇭


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