A Good Thing as Life.

Deep and Trying to understand “The Life”.


Lets Just say life would never be fairBecause it doesn’t seem to be Clear

Because sometimes we tremble and we fear

Sometimes we get fed-up and we tear 

Other times we enjoy and make merry

But that sums everything up.

Because Ecclesiastes says there is time for everything.

Even a time to go through all these necessities of this life.

Can you imagine what life would have been if everything was that rosy and all good?

I can now write these because life has taught me a lot of things I shouldn’t keep all of them in my bosom.

I shall and will forever be grateful to whoever made this life we all are enjoying.

Lets acknowledge that life is a good thing because the dead will not be able to read this. 

But we are and its as a result of Grace given to us by God Almighty.

So whilst we have breath, lets praise out maker.
J.P.K.A.B Obeng 🇬🇭