Galamsey Must Die!

Have you seen our rivers?Have you seen our natural green vegetation which represents Green in our national flag?

Have you seen what is going on?

Must we go on like this?

Should we kill ourselves like this?

So where’s the river we used to play and swim in.

Ah, so you don’t know you’re killing Ghanaians and Africa as a whole?

Why have we been wicked to ourselves like this?

Do you realize we will be in drought if all our rivers, lakes & streams dry up?

Are you ready to be drinking from the same water bodies the cattle, sheep and all other farm animals drink from?

Our Grand-Fathers, Our Fathers, Children, and Grand-Children are crying for a stop to this crime.

Mr. Politician and Chiefs of our Country, let us speak so these crimes will not eventually kill us at all.

Mr. Chinese or Black Man, do you realize you’re felling the trees without replacing them?

Do you want us to be like some other countries who import water into their country than soft drinks?

Do you know if you quit galamsey today you have saved the lives of so many Ghanaians?

Especially we the current generation, the upcoming generation and the yet unborn.

Together we can put a stop to Galamsey.

Let us share the need to end this menace. For we are one people and we need our water bodies and the green vegetation to survive with.

We should cherish our lives so much so that, the giver of all these creation will indeed continue to smile in his heavenly Kingdom.

I have taken it upon my self to help Ghana kick Galamsey away!

I have indeed decided to be a citizen not a spectator!

Galamsey Must Surely Die!





A Good Thing as Life.

Deep and Trying to understand “The Life”.


Lets Just say life would never be fairBecause it doesn’t seem to be Clear

Because sometimes we tremble and we fear

Sometimes we get fed-up and we tear 

Other times we enjoy and make merry

But that sums everything up.

Because Ecclesiastes says there is time for everything.

Even a time to go through all these necessities of this life.

Can you imagine what life would have been if everything was that rosy and all good?

I can now write these because life has taught me a lot of things I shouldn’t keep all of them in my bosom.

I shall and will forever be grateful to whoever made this life we all are enjoying.

Lets acknowledge that life is a good thing because the dead will not be able to read this. 

But we are and its as a result of Grace given to us by God Almighty.

So whilst we have breath, lets praise out maker.
J.P.K.A.B Obeng 🇬🇭


Letter to Failure.


Why have you decided to haunt me?

Why do you keep me unhappy anytime I wanna make a move towards success?


You have managed to kill so many spirits, some can’t and will not get over it.

O, Failure. How wicked you are.

But I will get over it, Because Failure has caused me so much pain. So much pain I can’t Fathom bearing all that pain by myself.

O yes, I shall overcome.

All I have to do is to Endure in Hardwork, Learn from the previous Mistakes, Listen and Believe you can achieve as you conceived in your mind.

Failure will then be defeated and will never hesitate visiting you any moment at all.

So you have to be cautious, never to return to the days that brought you so much pain and misery.

©Joseph P.K.A.B Obeng🇬🇭


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