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Here are some of the most interesting facts about lions you can’t afford to miss!!! Click here to read all facts

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Chaka Khan and sister enter rehab over prescription drugs — WTNH Connecticut News

Chaka Khan and her sister have entered a drug rehabilitation program to battle their addictions to prescription drugs, and Khan says the death of her good friend Prince helped hasten her decision to get help.

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#1843 — Coffee With Noor

There is magic in every glance and moonlight in every smile. She casts a spell on every soul she meets, leaving them entranced beyond understanding.

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The Day My Brother Took a Life and Changed Mine Forever — Longreads Blog

I grew up idolizing my brother. Then he killed a man.

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The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

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African Communalism versus Western Individualism: A false dichotomy

Humanist Association of Ghana

This post is the personal opinion of the author and may not reflect the views of the Humanist Association of Ghana.

Professor Osei’s presentation at the International Humanist Conference in Accra, 2012 entitled The Relevance of Secular Humanism to the Contemporary African Society asserted that the Western construct of Humanism is bringing excessive individualism to Africa in opposition to its traditional values of communalism. Professor Osei also said we need to think about the issue of LGBT rights within this context.

To find a distinctly African expression of humanism sounds like an attractive project, yet the assertion has also been bothering me. I have been pondering on these issues since that presentation and hope I may have found a resolution to the apparent conflict.

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